Wellingtonians in Tianjin

From China to England and beyond, all Wellingtonians will tell you that it is easy to be proud of being in a school like Wellington. The experience will stay with you, and serve you, for the remainder of your life. This is what we have brought to Tianjin. Wellington represents a community of schools which delights both in the richness and warmth of its heritage and in the power and creativity of innovation. You will also experience a school which is unparalleled in its energy, restlessly seeking after excellence in the education it offers, whatever the discipline, and, equally important, the reputation to attract the very best in teachers, coaches and support staff.

Master of Wellington College International Tianjin

Welcome from the Master

It gives me great pleasure to extend a warm welcome to Wellington College International Tianjin. We hope you will enjoy reading our Prospectus and browsing our Website and that you might wish to follow up with a visit to meet our pupils, students and staff, and experience something of the special atmosphere that prevails at Wellington Tianjin on a normal school day.

The strength of the Wellington ethos is exemplified in the day to day life of our School at all levels. Wellington stands for much more than academic and extra-curricular excellence. Our’s is a thriving, warm and friendly community, and the positive tone of this permeates and vibrates throughout the day to day life of the College. Many parents and visitors have commented on our school’s family atmosphere, and the rapport that exists between pupils and staff. I and my colleagues consider it a great privilege to work here.

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